The influence of classical music

This wonderful creation that dates back to the dawn of time with out any human every realizing is called classical music, it enhances the minds intellectual out breaks and handles the anger depression and worries of the societal system the government has so securely,secretly, and forcibly imposed on our beautiful ways of thinking. May we one day be able to truly tap into this amazing gift that god and the universe has bestowed upon our time (whatever you would like to call time) here, music of the old ages have less words which does not influence the mind in the ways that the music of today does, the industry and the people making the music don’t seem to understand the game they are so dangerously playing the world is in a outbreak of apocalyptic dawn as any eye witness can see from the dramatic weather encounters throughout this past year, I feel that in this time of need this time space of need, a little classical music might do us all some good and well being. If we do not seize this problem in its tracks the generation that comes after us will be the goodness of the good the top goody goodies and also…..the top disgrace to the human race the worst of the worst the most evil of evil the true demons of biblical terminology…..may we all be blessed with this classical harmony, even the bad cords, lol


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