The poem of a dark voice

In the shadows a voice was heard deep and yearning for the question of life, a question that had been unanswered for many millinium a history of a scared race unaware of why they ha been set in this entanglement of twist and turns, happiness and sorrow, anguish pain anger builds up inside there universe little do they know its what keeps them mentally strong and holds all that exist in this life intact and unseen. Many universes equal into one giant time frame of frozen dreams,situations,deaths,life’s,beginnings,and ends. And interwoven into one space time fabric, the night sky is our picture of this and our everyday lives are the process and the final resolution to the meaning of life and of the great plan and the great climax, may this not come off as rambling but a  source of enlightenment to guide a brighter path into the darker future…..may your mind flourish young humanoid let no offender no governmental power stand in your way of the true mental potential that is so forcibly controlled and suppressed to your deepest subconscious, your mind… the most power tool ever given to man, your mind is every creation and every invention that I was,is, and will be ever discovered or created by man 


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